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FRESH SEMEN Life Foal Guarantee and best return policy in the industry. Should your mare not produce a live foal that stands, sucks and survives the first 30 days after birth, the mare owner shall be entitled to return privileges. No shipping/container deposit required when paying with MasterCard or Visa. Collection fee is $195 per collection, when ordered before 9am or the night before.  Two-50cc doses of 1 billion+ live sperm is what is typically shipped per order. Every day is collection day at Eurequine! If FedEx is not available or a rush is needed we can ship counter to counter with major airlines from Sacramento International Airport to your nearest airport. Frozen semen is available on all of our stallions. All of the stallions are EVA negative and vaccinated. As a certified CEM free facility we easily ship to Canada and do the required paperwork to make it seamless. See breeding overview for more details. showcases the horses and stallions owned

and managed by Edgar Schutte, providing the U.S. and Canada with fresh and frozen semen.


Let Eurequine enable you to produce the best possible offspringWe have the genetics and track record to help you achieve this goal consistently in the most efficient, economical way. We stand the best and provide the fastest service in the industry at the most reasonable cost. Our quick response and efficiency saves you time and money.  Edgar Schutte is available and happy to assist you in finding the best match for your mare. 

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