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 Discounted price is $116/1000ml bottle

For all clients who booked to our stallions within the last three years, you are eligible for a discount on Immunall and Fertility +.  At checkout please use code, "breeding" for Immunall and code "fertility" for Fertility+. 

Verify the name of your mare (name on breeding contract) by typing her name into "notes"


Optimize your mare’s health and fertility and minimize your breeding costs.

Eurequine Breeders Discount

Fertility +

Optimize your horses health, fertility and minimize your breeding costs.100% natural ingredients. Success based on scientific proof in collaboration with field trials.


Immunall is your one-stop herbal supplement for boosting energy, supporting the immune system, and promoting great health and fertility in horses, dogs and other pets. 

Find out how Immunall can improve the overall quality of your livestock, or drastically improve the performance of your sport horse! Any way you look at it, Immunall can help. It really does make the difference of a lifetime. 


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For info & questions call (916) 203-2247

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