Stallion & Mare Services


Eurequine LLC accepts and manages stallions and mares of all breeds.

If you are interested in having your stallion stand with us we have several options. Stallions may be managed throughout the entire year, entire breeding season or by appointment. Multiple packages are available for both cryopreservation as well as collection and shipping of fresh semen, collection available 7 days a week. Let us take the hassle out of the breeding season by collecting and distributing your stallion’s semen for you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.


Phantom Collection Training of Stallion                                          $350.00

 ($100/hour if first session is not successful)

Collection of Ejaculate, Extension and Analysis                               150.00


Collection of Ejaculate, Extension, Analysis and Preparation for        175.00


Stallion Marketing                                                                  Please Inquire


Stallion Board/Month                                                                   680.00


Stallion Board/Day                                                                        30.00



Collection of Ejaculate for freezing purposes                                   175.00

Semen Freezing                                                                           300.00

($40 a dose $300 minimum)

Semen Storage Per Canister (monthly non-prepaid)                          30.00/mo

Semen Storage Per Canister Per Annum (annual prepaid)                 200.00/year

Centrifugation of Semen                                                               45.00


Semen Analysis (Motility and Concentration)                                   30.00


Frozen Semen Shipper Rental (For Eurequine frozen semen clients)                  0.00

(5 days free, $10 a day after)

Frozen Semen Shipper Rental                                                        100.00/week 

(Not prorated by the day)                                             


Frozen Semen Shipper Nitrogen Charge                                          50.00





Insemination only            30.00

Mare Board/Day            30.00

(dry mare)

Foal at foot/day (additional)      5.00