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PRICING                                       EARLY BOOKING         


Escher:                      $1,200-----------------$900

Lord Adonis:              $1,450------------------$1150

Don Roncalli:             $1,450------------------$1150

Rubignon:                 $1,450------------------$1150

Wild Dance:             $1,450------------------$1150

Donarweiss:              $1,450------------------$1150

Dubarry:                   $1,450 --- Intro Offer $950!

Landkönig:                $1,750------------------$1450

Relevantus "Zorro":    $1,750------------------$1450

Utopie "Combina":    $1,750 --- Intro Offer $950!

Early Booking Prices good thru January 31, 2020

Above pricing includes a non-refundable booking fee of $400.00.



Your second mare receives 25% off our posted breeding fees. Please inquire for multiple mare discounts. 


50% off our posted breeding fees on breeding's to any mares who were sired by our current and past stallions Baron Van Gogh, Corcovado, Donarweiss, Don Roncalli, Dubarry, Escher, Escudo II, Fuerst Gotthard, Graff Top II, Grandom, Kalypso, Landfriese II, Landkönig, Lord Adonis, Pablito, Pablo, Rubignon, Relevantus, Wild Dance and Utopie.


FRESH SEMEN Live Foal Guarantee and best return policy in the industry. Should the mare not produce a live foal that stands, sucks and survives the first 30 days after birth, the mare owner shall be entitled to return privileges.


No shipping/container deposit required when paying with MasterCard or Visa.

Collection fee is $150 for Eurequine LLC owned stallions or $175 per collection for client stallions, same day orders, ordered after 9 am California time are subject to a $50 rush charge.

2-50cc doses of 1 billion+ live sperm is what we typically ship per order. On very busy days or on last minute orders, one dose may be shipped.

We collect any day! If Fedex is not available (week-ends, holidays, after hours) or a rush is needed we can ship counter to counter with the major airlines from Sacramento International Airport.

Frozen semen is also available on our stallions.
All stallions are EVA negative and vaccinated. Health panel with more specifics posted at each stallions own page.


We want the best possible outcome, sometimes changes are desirable. With our permission switching stallions, mares, breeding ownership or in some cases all of the above may be possible. Transfer fees start at $40 depending on what is transferred/switched and difference in price will be due when switching to stallions with a higher breeding fee.


Canada has CEM requirements for semen shipped from the U.S.

As a CEM free facility we easily ship to Canada and do the required paperwork on our end.

We have shipped over 500 shipments to Canada. Call us and we can tell you about our experience shipping to your area.


Canadian breeders need to request a permit. Below is a link for the application.

Canadian Import Permit Application Form – Semen and Embryos:

Request a multi-use permit and email it to Every time we ship semen to Canada we will get a USDA endorsement along with a Health certificate. Courier, health certificate including USDA fee for endorsement costs $150.


Major Credit Cards, PayPal and Cash accepted.

Breeding Contract

Please email or text us a completed copy of the breeding contract below.