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Utopie - "Combina"

Utopie "Combina"
Utopie Conformation
Utopie in Europe

Utopie "Combina"

Utopie, (USA Show Name Combina) is a 16.1hh bay KWPN stallion by Jacomar out of Pherna Keur Sport by Calvados approved by the major registries for breeding as shown below.

Utopie is an international show jumper, with successes at 1.6 meter level, shown under Marc Houtzager (NL), Candice King (USA), Nicole Bellissimo (USA) and Kirsten Coe (USA). Utopie’s parent’s lineage show the ultimate in performance genes through offspring and heritage. Utopie left Holland at the early age of 9 focused on a show career, rather than breeding, despite that Utopie is 6th on the list for leading sires of offspring jumping 1.30m and up, following closely behind Heartbreaker, Mr. Blue and Cantos. Utopie performed excellently during the Stallion Competition 2006/2007 with Marc Houtzager winning the final in Den Bosch. Utopie was the first KWPN stallion of his licensing year to debut in the 1.60 meters classes and making an impressive entrance with 2 clean rounds.


Why Utopie is an exceptional choice for your mare:

1. Utopie had a fantastic Grand Prix career and is still sound with clean legs.

2. His Sire, Grand Sire, Dam and Grand Dam all had Grand Prix careers and produced multiple international jumper offspring.

3. His pedigree spills over with proven jumping genetics top to bottom,

4. Utopies offspring jumping at Grand Prix are ranking him as a top producer.

5. Good type and movement earned him KWPN USA top 5 jumper offspring and multiple AHS gold medals.



Utopie is a light type with correct conformation, 56.4% consolidated Thoroughbred performance blood combining Ramiro (Ramzes AA) blood on top with TB blood from Dutch toppers Lucky Boy xx, Uppercut xx, Tangelo xx, French blood from Calvados (Ibrahim AA) and Rigoletto (Ramzes AA) on the bottom. A masterful accumulation of performance genes.

Utopie has successful jumping talent on both sides if his family. Sire Jacomar celebrated great success with Marc Houtzager and is one of the top earning Dutch stallions in sport. Jacomar successes include ISJ level 1.60m with Marc Houtzager (NLD) 3rd CSIO5* 2003 - Nations Cup 2003 Dublin (IRL) ( 1.60m ); 1st CSIO 2002 - Grand Prix 2002 Dublin (IRL).

Dam Pherna competed up to 1.60m as well and scored 9 and 8.5 for her jumping on her IBOP and has made her international debut. This line has produced many GP jumpers including grandmother Cerna, who had five siblings jumping at the highest national level.

Utopie KWPN Stallion Testing Highlights

Utopie is an honest, trustworthy and friendly stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and works well. The walk has good scope and is pure. The trot has more than sufficient scope. The canter has much scope, much suppleness and good balance. Utopie has sufficient talent for dressage and gives his rider sufficient feeling. The stallion jumps with good take-off and is quick. The foreleg folds sufficiently. He jumps with much suppleness. Utopie seems careful jumping appears to be easy for him and he shows much scope. Utopie has much talent for jumping and gives his rider good feeling. Stall behavior, honest, trustworthy stallion that is nice to work with and easy to handle.


Offspring Performance

Utopie offspring, Obsidian was 5th in the 2019 KWPN NA Top Ten awards in the U.S. inspection tour. Utopie has sired several KWPN Star mares and several of his stallion sons were selected and made it to the 2nd and 3rd round of the testing.

Below some of his performing offspring shown over1.3 meter.

  • Anastasia  dam sire Erik 1.3 m

  • Bernard  dam sire Voltaire 1.5 m (Selected for licensing)

  • Bolero  dam sire Henzo 1.35 m

  • Bull Run's Risen dam sire Indoctro 1.6 m (Selected for licensing)

  • Berna  dam sire Celano 1.4 m

  • Benito dam sire Kojak  1.4 m

  • BRAVE HEART II dam sire Emilion 1.4 m

  • BENJI dam sire Numero Uno 1.5 m (Selected for licensing)

  • Bling dam sire Numero Uno 1.35 m

  • Bugatti dam sire Disconto  1.35 m

  • Carmel dam sire Indoctro 1.45 m

  • Castor dam sire  Hamlet  1.3 m

  • Duretta dam sire Numero Uno 1.3 M

  • Distheen  dam sire Voltaire  1.5 m

  • D'Utopie B dam sire Erik  1.6 M

In 2022, Utopie offspring earned, by far, the highest total dollar amount in the USA, with over $150,000 in offspring winnings making Utopie the top US $ producer, In 2023 he again produced several Hanoverian top foals and Gold Medal foals. Available fresh any day. Utopie is not a carrier of WFFS

Breeding Information

Stud Fee: $1950

  • Fresh - Shipping Daily

  • Live Foal Guarantee

  • 3 Season Contract

  • Collection $195

Fresh by the Dose: $975

Frozen by the Dose: $975

Breeding Contract



Registry Information





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Utopie “Combina” Eurequine Stallion

Utopie “Combina” Eurequine Stallion

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Utopie “Combina” - Eurequine Stallion

Utopie “Combina” - Eurequine Stallion

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Utopie Offspring

Stallion Information

Registration # 01.03263

EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis) - Negative, vaccinated annually

WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome)- not a carrier 

PSSM1 (Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy)- Negative

CEM(Contagious Equine Metritis)- Negative

Color - Can produce any color

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